Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Enterprise Management Software (EMS)?
A: EMS integrates all of your major processes, which helps ensure consistent data across all your functional departments.
Q: Can EMS software improve my organisation performance?
A: EMS gives you the ability to save time and money across your entire organisation. With EMS you need only input data once and then share it across your functional departments. It is used to create reports and analyze organisation trends quickly and easily, allowing you to respond quickly to shifts in the market.
Q: Is a 'Single Instance' better?
A: Although every organisation is unique, running only one instance provides serveral advantages. You save time and have better quality information across the company because you need to only once input the information rather than multiple times. It eliminates consolidation errors, saves time and money. It allows you to run comprehensive organisation reports that allows you to share resources more easily across the organisation. Single Instances are generally less expensive to support and migration to the newer releases is quicker ad easier allowing you to take advantages of the latest features we have to offer in a timely manner.
Q: What makes your product better?
A: Our process model fully integrates ERP capabilities to help you effectively manage a wide range of functions across your organisation. This gives you the ability to make qualified decisions based on an seemless, 360 degree view of your organisation. Fast and flexible implementation. The decision you make today CAN be changed tomorrow. All of the information provided during implementation can be adapted or modified at any time to meet the changing needs and demands of your organisation. By choosing our product, you can reduce hidden organisational, on going integration, operational and maintenance cost. Low cost of ownership and unpralleled product control.
Q: Will it fit our organisation?
A: EMS applications normally come with a built-in system of 'best practices' whose restrictive rules limit your organisation process.In our product, system is built to adapt to your organisation structure because we know that every company has unique needs and also grows and changes. So we created software that can adapt with you.
Q: Can this will help my integration problems.
A: One of the reasons organisations look for an ERP solutions is that, their organisation is experiencing difficulty in integrating the information they have stored in widely diverse applications that can't 'talk' to one another. You may even use different programs to perform the same functions. When you install our product, you can solve many of your information integration problems because we use 'single instance' process.
Q: How long will it take for implementation.
A: The actual installation can be done in a day or two by experienced IT staff. However, keeping in mind that implementation of any Enterprise system also includes importing old data from various sources into the new system, training of employees on the use of new system and the completion of any customizations. Organisations also find it worth while to take time at the beginning of the implementation process to review their current business practices, seeing where they can be streamlined now that they are no longer be 'locked into' a specific business flow with a restrictive software pactage. The whole process depends on the size and complexity of your requirements.