IT Consultation Services


Any Organization big or small will go for IT infrastructure sooner or later. When they decide, major drawback organizations face is the question of what, where & How?

Even though Organizations have people with knowledge of computers and ICT, their knowledge most of the time will be limited to usage of information systems, not in designing IT infrastructure for a big enterprise. It would be a good idea to have a consultant guiding you when you are making such crucial decisions. Consultant would be able to help to decide on the overall layout after studying nature of business, number of users and amount of data flow and other details to type of hardware required (includes server, client systems, networking devices), connectivity (includes wired network, wireless network) and provisions for future expansion based on the industry the organization is doing business.

Annual Maintenance Services

We provide annual maintenance service based on your needs.

Maintenance of Enterprise systems is crucial for any organization. As the organization grows older the amount of data accumulated will grow exponentially. So constant monitoring, updating and cleanup of databases on the enterprise server is a necessity.





Enterprise Software Implementation Services


Implementation of Enterprise software needs a methodical approach.

Most of the organizations will be using multiple softwares in a disconnected manner before they move on to integrated Enterprise Management system. Users will resist change because they are more comfortable with the existing arrangement and also it needs more effort initially to switch over. So it is very important to educate the users of the merits of an integrated EMS. An implementation consultant will help educate users and also overcome bottlenecks during the implementation process.

Software Requirement Analysis


Every organization is unique in its own ways. Software developed for one organization will not fit to all the needs of the next organization even though the nature of business is the same. By conducting requirement analysis with the help of experienced professional, organization will be in a better position to convey their requirement to Enterprise Software vendor what is their exact requirement and save money in the long run.