Company Solutions


    ERP on Cloud (On Demand ERP)

Cloud can be public, private or hybrid. Running ERP on public cloud is a no go, since it may risk on security high time. Private and Hybrid Clouds make more sense. Private Cloud for all internal transactions and Hybrid cloud for interfacing it to the outside world (customers, vendors and suppliers).

The facets of work and personal life are moving towards the concept of availability of everything online. “Cloud Computing“ the sharing of web infrastructure to deal with the internet data storage, scalability and computation.

According to the definition by NIST “Cloud computing is a model for on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction”.

Basically cloud computing is a set of services that provide Infrastructure resources using Internet media and data storage on a third party server. It has three dimensions known as Software level service, Platform level service, Infrastructure service.


    Packaged Applications

For small businesses (SB’s) usually the segment is consolidated and the requirement is frozen and one solution fits all kind of requirements, or there are common modules which are in high need than others.


    Tailored Enterprise Solutions

For SME’s one size fits all would not work. Every enterprise is unique in some way, whereas major functionality or requirements remains the same. So if an enterprise solution is designed to meet the full functional requirements of a micro-vertical, solution can be tailored to meet the needs of same micro-vertical with little effort.


    Custom Build Applications

For Medium and Large Enterprises the scenario is completely different. We cannot see two large enterprises functioning in similar fashion even though their businesses are same. It depends on the functional model, departments, number of employees in each department, hierarchy and so on. Custom build applications are the only way for Medium & Large Enterprises. Even though the core functionalities are the same, customization has to be made to standard applications to meet the exact needs of these organizations.


    Business Analytics

Small, Medium and Large Organizations produce huge amount of data year on year. These are raw data and do not give much information other than information related to day to day processes. A Business Analytics can help organization to analyze the data and extract information which otherwise would prove useless. Business Analytics can help the organization to visualize trends in the business, market movements in particular part of the year, Cash flow analysis, Work flow analysis, impact of changes in the processes, overall impact of new quality measures and more..


    System Integration

System Integration is needed for those who already have an ERP system in place and looking to add functionality such as E-mail server, SMS Gateway, Mobiles devices or any other technology which will benefit them in the long run. It may also include Customer, Vendor and Supplier Integration into their existing system so that they can communicate online and improve efficiency of the Enterprise.



Our expertise is growing with every addition of customer and our products as well because of our enterprise management only approach. Since generic platform and its components are constantly worked on, any new improvements will be transferred to our customers on a regular basis as part of our upgrades.
Our Model based architecture enables you to be in control of every aspect of the enterprise application and continue to adapt, update, add new features and extend to suit to the needs of your company – always.
Our development model is Simple, Easy & Fast because of elimination of duplication of effort – by writing common components, reduce amount of testing required for each product, dependency of rare skills reduced, ease of extendibility, continuous efforts on improving the product, ease on upgradation – reduced downtime.